Dating bechstein pianos

Steinway & sons was established in 1835, in germany under the name of steinweg (which later merged and became grotrian steinweg) by heinrich engelhard steinweg you can use the dates and serials listed below to help date your piano. C bechstein upright and grand pianos from the turn of last century are quite different to the new bechstein pianos of today dating back to the 1890's/1900's. Piano serial numbers help to identify the age of your piano and the history surrounding its production run a free piano serial number search, here.

Mason & hamlin pianos are consistently counted amongst the world’s top 10 instruments, with frequent comparisons to steinway, fazioli, steingraeber, and bechstein and refreshingly, they are still made by hand in the united states in very limited quantities by some of the industry’s most respected craftsman. The oldest preserved square piano by bösendorfer, dating to who at least once opined that bösendorfer and bechstein pianos were the only instruments capable. Piano serial numbers find out how old your piano is by finding out the serial number and then checking it against this list of piano brands if you are thinking of selling your piano, knowing the age of it certainly helps.

Online piano apps instantly calculate how old is my piano and discover my piano's current market value by accessing the worlds largest piano database search 1000's of piano brands & models to find my pianos date of manufacture with piano serial number records and get 200years of expert piano research. Classic & antique & upright piano grading guide piano values vary with condition, age, type of wood, style and the piano market conditions in the area you live in. These 19th century bechstein pianos were known for having a very melodic tonal quality which is a bit more distinctive than american made pianos. Bechstein piano serial numbers carl bechstein nb unlike all other makes, serial numbers on bechsteins are the last ones used each year on uprights.

The history of the bechstein piano it was the developing technology of the industrial revolution that bought bechstein into prominence in the nineteen century, and it was not to be succeeded by steinway until the beginning of the second world war. Historic pianos: gallery of unrestored instruments historic pianos has more than 30 antique instruments awaiting restoration dating from 1780 to 1930, including pianos by steinway, mason & hamlin, bechstein, bluthner, chickering, knabe, broadwood, erard, and other fine makers. The age of your piano is determined by the serial number pianos also have numbers other than serial numbers bechstein 1853. The independent books puzzles ijobs dating follow us: voices a tone too subtle for modern ears: stephen hough mourns the fall of bechstein, piano-makers to.

Bechstein piano serial number reference information find out your piano's age besbrode pianos leeds uk. Model a bechstein, dating from 1902, are one of the more common bechstein grands and are superbly designed they often suffer from frame cracks, which can. Every piano is unique no two steinway pianos have the same serial number each number assigned designates an individual to be loved and cherished for. Bechstein pianos (advert) bechstein serial numbers find your serial number please refer to the bechstein case number page for an alternative dating method.

Adolf hitler and lotte bechstein photos, news and gossip find out more about richer and most powerful, was the wife of piano maker carl bechstein. With german origins dating back to 1853, the c bechstein pianos, both grands and verticals are formidable, of the highest reputation in europe and the world bechstein pianos are impeccably made and are “orchestrally” voiced, a concept that the company says is related to the change of timbre at different velocities of touch. C bechstein, a german piano maker founded in 1853, manufacturers pianos for the us market under the names c bechstein, bechstein, and w hoffmann.

Yamaha piano serial numbers (how old / what age is whilst you’re here why not see all of our current yamaha pianos for sale for the purposes of dating. C bechstein is synonymous with exquisite grand and upright pianos made in germany.

C bechstein pianos have been appreciated by many famous composers and artists for their finest quality of sound and touch for many years in the 21st century, c. For more information on this range of pianos please visit the manufacturer's website: wwwbechsteincom. Bechstein piano bluthner piano bosendorfer piano kawai piano mason & hamlin piano you can use this list of serial numbers to determine the age of your steinway piano. With german origins dating back to 1853, the c bechstein pianos cannot be ignored bechstein makes two quality levels, the lower- priced “b” series that say only “bechstein” on the fallboard, while the higher – priced line says “c bechstein instead.

Dating bechstein pianos
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